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Grammarly ****


So as I mentioned in the post yesterday I am going to share with you Grammarly.

I do love Grammarly. We only use their Free Version. It has been a life saver for my kiddo and me too! I am not the best at spelling and grammar, as you may have already noticed. Grammarly is like a spelling and grammar checker you can take with you to a lot of places on the internet. I use the Google Chrome extension.

However, I give it only **** because it doesn’t catch everything but it does come very close and better than spell checker on Word.  Also, because they have a premium account but I understand, they wanna make money too but the premium is pricey.

So without further ado… Grammarly. ( I do want to note this is a referral link and if you sign up for your free account, it will allow me to have a week of the premium account.)



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