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Teach Your Monster To Read ****


If your stumped and looking for a freebie to help your kiddo with reading. This is a good one that is free. We now use a paid version from another company; I will tell you more about tomorrow but this is where we started.

It covers the basics of sounding out letters and moves kiddos up to blends in a fun interactive game for kiddos. Warning, we were in a hurry to try this freebie and we didn’t pay attention to the game rules and suggestions. My girls ended up hoping there would be a point that told them they were done for the day and kept playing and playing and playing. The eventually burnt them out on it after a while. There is a spot where you save your progress.

If you want to find out more specifics, go here and check our what each level covers. They also have some demos you can try out before you sign up and you can find them here. If you already know that is what you would like to get here is their home page.

It’s FREE online!




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