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Art- NGA Site ****



I love Art! My girls love Art! My son would tell you he doesn’t love art but he enjoys it once he gets going. I don’t mind the mess butI know some do. This is by far the best of both worlds; creative, crafty art and mess-free!

This is by far one of the coolest sights when looking for free art projects and resources. It has interactive things but you need adobe flash (it’s free).

It can actually be a bit tricky or at least it was for me and I consider myself NOT technology challenged, to get things up and running but once you got it your good.  Also, there are a lot of cool things on here one can get lost for quite some time…unless you cannot find it. Additionally, if you find something cool go ahead and print it out or just save it to your desktop because I have found things and lost them. All the above is the reason for the loss of a star in my rating.

If you want you can dive in and check it out here. However, if you want to wait a couple moments longer I will show you my favorite sections I have discovered thus far.

So this is the part the kiddos love especially the creative crafty ones. The Kid Zone

They have the option to borrow their materials. I personally have not done this yet because I keep getting lost on their site and then forgetting to look into this. More info about borrowing can be found here.

Here is where you can search their catalog. My favorites are hidden in the PDFs. Out of all the PDFs, I really enjoy the family guides, there used to be a long list of them but I cannot find them anymore so I am guessing they clear them out. Finally, here are some examples of planned lessons that they have for Art/History.








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