About Affiliate Links

From time to time, I will post an affiliate link through Amazon Prime. I am not going to go out of my way, to post only with those links are not the real purpose of this site. I am not planning on getting rich by helping others out.

I will post an affiliate link if  the opportunity comes up in a post. If you decide to purchase from the affiliate link amazon gives me a percentage of what you bought. Now you are not paying more by using the link you will pay the same price either way.

I decided to do this because it would be nice to receive an income no matter how small it maybe for doing something I love. Plus, it helps me to tell the husband, the time I am investing helping other can also be considered working. Also, as my kiddos are getting older they are increasingly becoming more expensive and every little bit extra helps!

So I will note when I post an affiliate link with a little note and referring you back to here so you can understand what I mean.

Also since we are talking about Prime I love amazon Prime and this is a great offer (aff link)


Thanks for understanding!