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Google Docs *****


We love google docs. My son is not especially fond of writing, even though he is a great writer. My daughter is not very good at spelling, but she loves to write. I was desperately searching for a way that would work for them both.

You may hear me talk from time to time about my daughter having dyslexia. That was part of the reason the school system was failing her but that is for another time.  But Google docs helped me, help her.

First, I should probably tell you what Google Docs is… Well, simply put Google docs is Google’s version of Microsoft Word Suite, but different and in some aspects a cooler. It has a version of Word (docs), Powerpoint(slides), and Excel (sheets).

One of the things that I love the most about google docs is multiple users can work on the same sheet at the same time. That is how I got my son to actually write. He and his friends started writing Minecraft stories online together. Sometimes, they would write the same story and sometimes, they would edit each other’s stories.

My daughter also got interested in it too!  She and a friend would write poems, short stories, and she even created her own little magazine.

They have a great editor view; that allows me to make corrections but not change it until she sees it. Remember all those red marks on our rough drafts in English class? Yeah, that’s editor mode.  Plus it saves on paper!!!! Like I need any more paper piles in my house…no thank you!

On a side note, we discovered a free grammar editing program that we use with google docs too. I will write about tomorrow and share with you but that helped her tremendously with spelling and grammar. ( And me too!)

Even more than that, though, I have used the sheets to share a budget with my husband. Create a game plan for my school year. Also, I have used it for power point presentations! It’s a keeper!

You can check it out here.





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The 2017 Quality Time Calendar


So as you may have noticed, I am in the process of planning out 2017. Yesterday, I shared with you the 2017 Unclutter Calendar, and today I am sharing the 2017 Quality Time Calendar. Before I share with you more about that calendar, I wanted to share with you the ‘why’ behind why I am doing these calendars.

I am a former bullet journal planner user and a new-found Happy Planner user. I will probably share with you about the Happy Planner another time, but in short, it’s a fully-customizable planner. Personally, I resize and put the calendars in my planner so I can view them with my daily plans.

I am a pro planner kind of mama. But not just any old planner, it must be a planner that works for you, which can take some time to figure it out.

If you plan ahead you know what direction you’re going. You can always change it up; you don’t have to do what you plan out; it is just there if you need some ideas. If I didn’t like writing in pen so much, I would write it in pencil so I could erase it.

This idea leads us to the 2017 Quality Time Calendar. Often times, I hope to spend good quality time with the kiddos and most of the time I do a bit here or there. However, some weeks I realized we were so busy, that I didn’t really spend good quality time with them.

So this coming year I am going to change that! Almost each day, I have planned out one activity that I think my kiddos are going to enjoy, or at least one of the three will enjoy. It will keep me on point to make sure I make small moments with them.

Most of them are free or can be made free with things around the home. I would say they are totally free, but if you don’t have certain things around your house, you may need to pick it up or if you count driving somewhere the gas cost money, so there is that. Don’t forget you can make it free, you just need to get a bit creative in your implementation. Personally, though I am going to actually go out for my date days; so for me, it is not totally free.

You will notice there are repeats of quite a few things. I have tried to leave them vague enough to where it will accommodate most families. However, there are things you may not enjoy like crafts or creative (legos, blocks, etc.). Scratch it out, white it out, whatever you wanna do.

Also, I have left a few days on each month blank so that way you can do an activity you enjoy or maybe you don’t want to do anything those days. I know we will probably put more crafty days on there but I plan on asking the kiddos for what they would like to do.

Now, if your saying, ‘Isn’t planning them out going to make it kind of cold and scheduled?’ I would respond, “Not to me, I’ve got a plan but it’s not like I have to do it. It’s there if I need it but if I feel like doing something else, then I will and I won’t feel bad about it one bit!”

Also, I tried to make the activities work with most ages. There are a few activities that might not work exactly with your age. Swap them out with something else there are no rules.

So without further ado….The 2017 Quality Time Calendar.

It’s yours. It’s FREE.

Have Fun!


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The 2017 Unclutter Calendar



So for someone who loves organizing, I have certainly let my home get a bit out of control. We didn’t start homeschooling till a few years ago and I placed all my time and energy into teaching my children. We are now out of the experimenting phase and have found a good bit of what works for us. So now I can place my attention back to my home where it should be 🙂

Since placing more focus on my home I have become a bit overwhelmed by the amount of clutter that is in my home. So I did what I do I searched the web high and low for a good uncluttering schedule.

Everyone I found had some good ideas but man they wanted  you to read 50 articles on their site too! Seriously, maybe some people want or need to read how to organize a silverware drawer but I think most of us would just organize it the way we wanted or were able to anyway. Plus who has time to read all those articles about cleaning! I need to use my time wisely and clean with the little time I have.

Also, I need some grace some blank spaces to be able to accommodate my neverending schedule. So I decided to take some great ideas from those other calendars, collect them, and organize them my way!

and ta dah!  You have the 2017 Unclutter Calendar.

So let me tell you a bit about it.

  • It has simple objectives
  • It starts out in different areas of your home and eventually circles back
  • There are no articles to read.. .NONE! If you need to figure out how to declutter and organize your silverware drawer you can google it if you have time or do it your own way…no rules!
  • It includes all that homeschool stuff! Yes, there days that you can go through that mountain you shoved in the closet and are trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.
  • It also includes some deep cleaning days… yeah we should do it more frequently than what’s on this calendar but if we are honest we forget sometimes… which ones I forget I  am not telling 🙂
  • The whole month of October is purposefully blank. This allows two things some grace for those days you miss. 31 one days of grace to be exact. Or you may have a much bigger house than me and need to declutter other rooms not mentioned or not able to get done in the time frame I put on there.
  • There are days that say something like clean a flat surface or something those are for those junk piles you started again or something that you cannot wait to clean up.

Finally, these are simple for a reason. If you try to tackle too much too fast you will burn out. Don’t do it…. DONT DO IT. Slow and steady wins the race.

Also don’t push yourself too hard. Do what you can maybe set yourself a time limit. Most of these things may be able to be done in 15 minutes others may take 30-40 minutes. Set your own time limit. It doesn’t matter if its perfect whatever you do will be better than it was before just remember that!

So here you go..  the 2017 Unclutter Calendar…no emails required… I think… At least no emails required by me sometimes WordPress has a mind of its own. 🙂


Happy Cleaning!