Homeschool -Product Reviews


This is where I will recommend by subject anything I come across homeschooling wise that I find that costs money.

I do not like to spend money on school stuff but I know it is inevitable sometimes. I will let you know the good, bad, and ugly on things I spent my money on.

As I am sure you are well aware of there are tons of different styles.

If you enjoy something I commented poorly on or hated something I loved feel free to share in the comments your review too!

If I had to classify our style it would be eclectic.

If I had to narrow it down I would say we are a combo of project-based learning and unschooler-ish.

I will attempt to give a brief description of what each link consist of and I will give my rating of the site.

Rating Key

***** Awesome

**** Overall Good

*** Not the best but there are a few hidden gems

** Someone may like it

*Don’t waste your time ( I probably won’t waste my time with these)