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The 2017 Unclutter Calendar



So for someone who loves organizing, I have certainly let my home get a bit out of control. We didn’t start homeschooling till a few years ago and I placed all my time and energy into teaching my children. We are now out of the experimenting phase and have found a good bit of what works for us. So now I can place my attention back to my home where it should be 🙂

Since placing more focus on my home I have become a bit overwhelmed by the amount of clutter that is in my home. So I did what I do I searched the web high and low for a good uncluttering schedule.

Everyone I found had some good ideas but man they wanted  you to read 50 articles on their site too! Seriously, maybe some people want or need to read how to organize a silverware drawer but I think most of us would just organize it the way we wanted or were able to anyway. Plus who has time to read all those articles about cleaning! I need to use my time wisely and clean with the little time I have.

Also, I need some grace some blank spaces to be able to accommodate my neverending schedule. So I decided to take some great ideas from those other calendars, collect them, and organize them my way!

and ta dah!  You have the 2017 Unclutter Calendar.

So let me tell you a bit about it.

  • It has simple objectives
  • It starts out in different areas of your home and eventually circles back
  • There are no articles to read.. .NONE! If you need to figure out how to declutter and organize your silverware drawer you can google it if you have time or do it your own way…no rules!
  • It includes all that homeschool stuff! Yes, there days that you can go through that mountain you shoved in the closet and are trying to pretend it doesn’t exist.
  • It also includes some deep cleaning days… yeah we should do it more frequently than what’s on this calendar but if we are honest we forget sometimes… which ones I forget I  am not telling 🙂
  • The whole month of October is purposefully blank. This allows two things some grace for those days you miss. 31 one days of grace to be exact. Or you may have a much bigger house than me and need to declutter other rooms not mentioned or not able to get done in the time frame I put on there.
  • There are days that say something like clean a flat surface or something those are for those junk piles you started again or something that you cannot wait to clean up.

Finally, these are simple for a reason. If you try to tackle too much too fast you will burn out. Don’t do it…. DONT DO IT. Slow and steady wins the race.

Also don’t push yourself too hard. Do what you can maybe set yourself a time limit. Most of these things may be able to be done in 15 minutes others may take 30-40 minutes. Set your own time limit. It doesn’t matter if its perfect whatever you do will be better than it was before just remember that!

So here you go..  the 2017 Unclutter Calendar…no emails required… I think… At least no emails required by me sometimes WordPress has a mind of its own. 🙂


Happy Cleaning!