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Free All-in-one Online Homeschool


Homeschools can look like various things to different families. Additionally, the requirements can vary by country, state, etc.  I am not going to rate these sites I am sharing with you below, partly, because I haven’t tried all of them and partly because just because it isn’t our style doesn’t mean it won’t be a great option for some.

However, I remember when I first started to homeschool I would have loved to see a collected list of all the different sites that are an ‘all-in-one’ kind of online homeschool option. Plus the fact that they are free is worth sharing!

Moby Max

This site offers curriculum for K-8. It claims to cover every subject and helps find gaps in students’ education. There are games and rewards to motivate and encourage learning. One feature with this is as a homeschooler parents need to sign up for a teacher account. Here is a video that gives a short tutorial to give you an idea. This site is fully online and also can be used on an iPad.

Easy Peasyeasy-peasy

This site is very basic and claims to cover grades PreK (Getting Ready) -Highschool. This site is not fully online at times you will need to either print or copy things on paper, and other materials. There are some options to purchase preprinted stuff you can find here. (aff link) However, it’s not necessary. They also refer you to their sister site for Highschool; All-In-One Highschool. Here is a video of how Easy Peasy works.

Discovery K12


This site is more rigid in design because it is pre-done and does not allow for much change in their curriculum layout. Also, they have a start date so starting later would mean your student is behind.  It covers grades PreK-Highschool. While this site is 100% free for students it does offer “upgrades” in the teacher accounts. You can view a sample account for a seventh-grade student here.

A few other options:


Did I miss one that you have tried or heard about? Please share it below.


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Grammarly ****


So as I mentioned in the post yesterday I am going to share with you Grammarly.

I do love Grammarly. We only use their Free Version. It has been a life saver for my kiddo and me too! I am not the best at spelling and grammar, as you may have already noticed. Grammarly is like a spelling and grammar checker you can take with you to a lot of places on the internet. I use the Google Chrome extension.

However, I give it only **** because it doesn’t catch everything but it does come very close and better than spell checker on Word.  Also, because they have a premium account but I understand, they wanna make money too but the premium is pricey.

So without further ado… Grammarly. ( I do want to note this is a referral link and if you sign up for your free account, it will allow me to have a week of the premium account.)