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Post it Notes


So the other day I decide to do something out of the normal for my husband. The idea came from this book; Listen, Love, Repeat: Other-Centered Living in a Self-Centered World. (aff link)

Which has been one book I cannot get enough of currently; it is soo good! Tons of ideas which I may share with you from time to time.

Anyway, as homemakers, one of our biggest jobs or at least mine, is to make the hubby happy. I am blessed with an easy-going man; I don’t often make him feel special enough, in my opinion.

So I decided to implement one of the ideas I read in that book. The idea was to put post-it notes all around the house for him to find in the morning. I’ll admit most of my notes were not crazy inspiring; truth be told most of them said I love you. But I figured since this wasn’t my norm they would be special to him.

I carefully and thoughtfully placed post-it notes where he would travel to in his morning routine and see them as he was getting ready and leaving for work.

Sometimes, it’s the simple things that can help relationships stay strong. So go grab ya a bunch of post-its and start writing them and then one day bomb your house and your spouse with post-its. There on sale right now here (aff link) or you can check out your fav store to stock up!

What do you do that is simple to show your loved one you love them?